5th World Congress on
Wmen & Girl Child- 2017

3 track, 3 conference days, 4 workshops, 100 excellent speakers


15th, 16th, & 17th of November 2017
Starting at 9am


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India

Violence and Abuse against Women

Violence against women includes, but it is not limited to violence occurring in the family, marital rape or rape in a relationship, other sexual abuse, sexual harassment at work, trafficking in women and girls with intention of sexual and other forms of exploitation, forced prostitution, abortion of female foetuses and infanticide of baby girls, traditional practices harmful to women such as genital mutilation, forced or too early marriage, widow burning, honour killing, acid attacks, stoning, war rape, and other.

5th World Congress on Women & Girl Child- 2017 conference will focus on the Violence against women is a consequence of an established gender inequality within society and of existing structures of power in gender relations. It is rooted in cultural patterns, especially in harmful influences of particular traditional practices or customs, education systems, religious beliefs and media influences.

Violence is in many cases behavior learned within families, from relationships with other people, at school, and from media. Decrease of violence in society is a long term aim, achievable through individual daily efforts for non-violent behavior and peaceful resolving of conflicts, and by sharing necessary and appropriate knowledge with the community. That way one can stop harmful (abusive) patterns of behavior being handed down from generation to generation.

5th World Congress on Women & Girl Child- 2017 conference will discuss possibilities to be assured for girls and women to receive upbringing and education creation of social climate with no tolerance for violence against women or any other form of violence. The conviction that violence against women is not acceptable should become generally accepted norm. It is necessary to provide women with effective protection from violence, and to give clear message to perpetrators of violence that they will be punished according to the law for causing violence. To inspire innovation and collaboration and encourage and enable direct service providers to help end gender based violence and abuse particularly against women and girls.


5th World Congress on Women & Girl Child- 2017


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India.