5th World Congress on
Wmen & Girl Child- 2017

3 track, 3 conference days, 4 workshops, 100 excellent speakers


15th, 16th, & 17th of November 2017
Starting at 9am


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India


We believe our world will be a much better one when women and girls play an active role in shaping and transforming it. We believe that with purpose and intention, we individually and collectively have the power to create a better future and a better world.

We believe that women and girls can actively transform our world through many ways – leadership, innovation, science, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, education, health, music and the arts, among others. In unleashing their potential, we enable women and girls to actively transform our world.

We believe in the power of diversity to fuel innovation and creative solutions, and we believe in the power of unifying diverse solutions. A sphere would not exist without the circles that comprise it, and a circle on its own cannot create a sphere.

We believe in the power of community to build, nurture, and sustain positive change. Innovation has made this an era when individual power is at its greatest – any one person can have a voice, inspire change, and affect outcomes. We believe that success and positive change endures when a community is behind it. Thus, we believe in building, nurturing, and inspiring collaboration among a community of leaders – bringing together women and men, emerging leaders, academic institutions, networks, companies, and many institutions that share our mission and purpose. Join us as we undertake this monumental global endeavor. Together let us create a better world and an extraordinary future.

Sincerely yours,
5th World Congress on Women & Girl Child- 2017


5th World Congress on Women & Girl Child- 2017


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India.