5th World Congress on
Wmen & Girl Child- 2017

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15th, 16th, & 17th of November 2017
Starting at 9am


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India

Girl Child Marriage in Sudan, Drivers, Levels and trends, and Differentials among Sudan states-Medical conferences in Karnataka.

The paper tries to: list main socio-economic and cultural drivers that may fueling incidence of girl child marriage in Sudan, show levels and trends of child marriage and find out the causes of differential in the level of early marriage among Sudan eighteen states . About two fifths of Sudanese girls married before age 18 and it seems no trend to decrease during the last two decades, however no legislative procedures to curtail the practice or raise awareness.

To find the drivers of child marriage in Sudan the study suggested such factors depending on literature and previous research findings in the area so discussed the main issues and how they affect the child marriage. To see the level and trend of child marriage secondary data collected from various surveys and censuses done in Sudan, mainly depending on Multiple Integrated Cluster Survey(MICS-2014) data as the recent source of data. To rationalize the differential in level of early marriage among Sudan states, states divided into two groups, those have percentages of child marriage above Sudan average and those with percentages lower than Sudan average. Twenty three MICS indicators selected and categorized into five groups to analyze the situation in each group of states.

The main findings of the paper are: High incidence of girl child marriage in Sudan with semi constant level for the last the two decades, poor families tend to marry their girls earlier, Sudan legislations play minor role in prohibiting and eradicating child marriage, political unrest and civil war worsen the situation of the children human rights and traditional harmful practices supporting child marriage play beyond the law and religious values. The group of states relatively with high prevalence of child marriage can be described by poor indicators in: economic situation, health status, nutrition standards, education attainment and harmful traditional practices.

The paper recommends for stronger government commitment towards child welfare and rights that consistent with regional and international conventions and legal reform concerning child rights associated with awareness. To reduce child marriage incidence and developmental gab between the two group of states comprehensive human development approach should be adopted.


5th World Congress on Women & Girl Child- 2017


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India.