5th World Congress on
Wmen & Girl Child- 2017

3 track, 3 conference days, 4 workshops, 100 excellent speakers


15th, 16th, & 17th of November 2017
Starting at 9am


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India

women conference in Bangalore- Conflict management approaches to manage work-life equation and retention of women employees in IT organizations in India based on local philosophy and culture

Every organization is comprised of myriad of people. Acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to high levels of performance, as well as managing retention and conflict are essential to achieving organizational objectives. This study has put forth an attempt to provide a multi-dimensional and more exhaustive view of how conflict management role needs to be looked at the problems of work-life equation and in retaining women employees in IT organizations in India based on local philosophy and culture. The findings emerged from the study are: a) procedure of hiring need to include ‘Psychometric Profiling’ also there is a need to impinge on ‘Boomerang hiring’, b) arrangements for finish up uncongenial work environment between leaders and employees through integration and communication within the organization, c) employers have got to encourage innovation and skill development with added impetus to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India initiative’, d) to offer employees a flexible work hour arrangements like; flexi- time, part-time working, job sharing, annualized hours, compressed working hours, shift work, staggered hours, term- time working, voluntary reduced working hour or V- time etc, e) handle high potentials carefully as they are most likely to switch to another job as there are better options with them, f) all programmes running in the organization should be based on gender neutrality and meritocracy, without any bias for gender, region, religion or ethnicity, g) employee’s need should be identified through individual performance reviews, individual meetings, employee satisfaction surveys and by being in constant touch with them, h) open minded and transparent work culture for employee retention is a prerequisite for preventing different kinds of conflict, i) use of gamification tools, simulation of organizational dynamics in easy to use manner, encourages and make employees feel more connected, j) hard-working employees should be recognised and appreciated, k) early promotion/ highly competitive salary packages as well as retiarls like gratuity and provident fund and superannuation benefits should be ensured for every employee, l) need to hire a trained psychologist and soft skills trainer to deal with employee’s issues pertaining to personal and professional life, m) need to use all-pervasive and all-powerful tool named ‘Big-data’ and ‘analytics’ designed to help the 5 Vs: variety, velocity, volume, veracity and visibility, n) need to deal with workplace bullying and follow empowerment rules, o) need to craft creative skill-based compensation structures as per employee’s credentials with enough flexibility for personal time, p) ensure employee’s career against risks and help them cement their career constructively by providing them with fair, positive and frequent feedback, q) concept of paternity leave should be introduced on par with maternity leave, r) design workplace for fitness and wellbeing for a sense of purpose and vitality, s) provide continuity in terms of counselling, networks and mentors for women who have opted to take a break or are on extended leave, t) special provisions should be guaranteed for women safety, security and supportive work-place as well as offer women workers- flexi-hour for WLB, sabbaticals and most important career growth, u) helping women employees’ families by setting up crèches or day care centres for their young ones, v) need to develop training practices that address re-skilling after breaks, re-skilling for new roles, training and coaching in emotional intelligence and coping skills, etc.


5th World Congress on Women & Girl Child- 2017


J.N.TATA Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bengaluru, India.